Monday, March 21, 2016

An election for the ages

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Yes, there have been presidential elections so combative as to rival 2016. In the election of 1800, Jefferson called Adams "a hideous hermaphroditical character [having traits of both sexes], which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman."

And, who can forget, for those who were alive, the election of 1968 and the riots during the Democratic National Convention?

What makes this election so contentious and critical, is that both parties and factions within their respective parties agree on almost nothing, not even the most basic principles of our republic. The Democrat Party is, and has been for several decades, dancing with changing the very bedrock upon which this nation was founded.

Hillary Clinton is just squeaking by the primaries against a known communist while a rebellion within the Republican Party is in full swing.

The left has decided to deny the foundations of human nature and reality. They are the personification of the "little engine that could." The little locomotive that could do anything if only he tried. The left seeks to substitute will for reason.

They deny nature, a universe with order. They want to create their own laws of nature, based on their anarchistic and godless morality.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the GOP electorate has determined that they've been had by a political class that has all but forgotten who they represent. They write a platform, but then they walk all over it. 

The current fight within the Republican Party base seems to be in choosing which candidate will best turn the screws on the establishment.

Voters are finally realizing that they have been exploited by both parties and are now determined to do something about it.

Our founders knew the nature of man and they devised a system of government to deal with such a nature. Deny that nature and observe as we fall into corruption and chaos.

This election could quite possibly determine the fate of our country and much of the Western World. The United States is on the edge of a political and economic precipice that could be the most catastrophic in history.

The political class from both parties has run out of altitude and ideas. They have appropriated all they can. There is almost nothing left. The lights are dimming in the shining city.

The party is almost over. The musicians are packing up. The people are angry.

From the files of Ray DiLorenzo at Stand Up America U.S.

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