Saturday, October 1, 2016

Nice try Hillary

Disregard the mainstream media analysis about who won and who lost the first presidential debate. Their analysis is not only useless, but also - if recent history is a guide - whoever they deem the "winner" will likely lose the election.

Throughout the Republican primary debate process, the mainstream media repeatedly declared the Trump campaign to be dead and buried and his debate performances to be sub-par, only to see Trump win the GOP nomination.

The most disturbing part of the debate was the litany of lies used by Hillary Clinton to advance disingenuous liberal talking points, and her slick, fluid delivery in saying those lies.

We cannot let these lies go unchallenged and, with the next debate right around the corner, here are a few suggested follow-up questions for Hillary to help stem the tide of dishonesty: "Mrs. Clinton, you mentioned 'trickle-down' economics in the first debate.

Please define for American voters exactly what the economic theory of 'trickle-down' is"

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Dan Bongino is the bestselling author of the book Life Inside the Bubble and now The Fight. He is a Contributing Editor at The Conservative Review and was the 2012 and 2014 Republican nominee for the United States Senate and 6th congressional district in Maryland. 

Dan served for over a decade as a special agent in the United States Secret Service, and currently owns a security consulting business. 

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