Thursday, October 6, 2016

Liberals Really Do Suck

Liberals really suck. I'm sorry if this hurts your delicate sensibilities, but it's true. And while many members of the establishment GOP-insider class aren't much better, liberals really have taken the suck to new lows.

Just last week, three news stories caught my eye, which demonstrate the depravity of the new liberal-elites, who are absolutely obsessed with control at all costs. Here are the headlines of those stories and suggested headlines, which I think better sum up the essence of the pieces.

Headline: Nevada's School Choice Victory

Suggested Headline: Nasty Liberals Sue to Keep Poor Kids Locked in Failing Schools

This is one of those stories that infuriates you if you have a heart. Liberals simply cannot stand the idea that poor families in Nevada have an option, via education saving accounts, to choose a different school for their children if the public school they are in isn't serving their educational needs. What the heck is controversial about this?

Well, if you're a liberal, fixated on managing and planning people's lives and controlling the economy, the healthcare system, and the education system, any form of school choice is to be crushed.

It doesn't matter to these black-hearted, callous liberals that these poor kids will be stuck in a school that only prepares them for a life of poverty because the Left only care about control, not people.

Caring about people is antithetical to their ideological leanings. People are pawns to callous liberals eager to throw poor families under the school bus to preserve their education monopoly.

It's sick. It's tragic. It's liberalism . . . .

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Dan Bongino is the bestselling author of the book Life Inside the Bubble and now The Fight. He is a Contributing Editor at The Conservative Review and was the 2012 and 2014 Republican nominee for the United States Senate and 6th congressional district in Maryland. 

Dan served for over a decade as a special agent in the United States Secret Service, and currently owns a security consulting business. 

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