Thursday, May 5, 2016

Liberal Challenge - Answer 3 Questions

We painfully learned during the presidency of Barack Obama that ideology matters more than words.

And now that the 2016 primary season is coming to a close I think it's appropriate to start asking the remaining candidates questions about the ideology that guides their decision-making. Barack Obama said a lot of things as a candidate but when it mattered (i.e. executive amnesty, Obamacare, foreign policy) he disregarded what he said and took actions guided by his big -government-knows-best ideology.

Here are three questions for liberal candidates I would like to see answered before the November elections.
Do you believe in the rule of law? This is an important question because liberals tend to give conflicting answers to this question when it involves specific legislative actions. For example, ask many liberals about Obamacare and they'll insist that "it's the law of the land" and can't be ignored, even though it has imposed devastating penalties on millions of Americans in the form of higher premiums and cancelled insurance plans. 
But ask liberals about current immigration laws, which are being openly violated by millions of illegal immigrants, and liberals will insist that "the immigration laws are broken," insinuating that this is a permission slip for people who don't like immigration laws to ignore them. Which is it though? 
You can't be consistent and say that you believe in the rule of law if that belief means you only recommend following the laws that comport with your ideology. 
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Dan Bongino is the bestselling author of the book Life Inside the Bubble and now The Fight. He is a Contributing Editor at The Conservative Review and was the 2012 and 2014 Republican nominee for the United States Senate and 6th congressional district in Maryland. 

Dan served for over a decade as a special agent in the United States Secret Service, and currently owns a security consulting business. 

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