Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mississippi throws its support behind Trump

Governor Phil Bryant released the following statement after Senator Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign:
"Tonight, Sen. Ted Cruz ended his hard-fought run for the Republican nomination for president. I congratulate him on his effort. I believe he is a true patriot and admire his stand. He will continue his conservative mission for a better America. We now turn our attention to the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, and the election in November. 
I will support Donald Trump to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president of these United States. He now has the responsibility and certainly the ability to unite this Grand Old Party and go on to victory. As a conservative, I will find common cause in this election because the possibility of a Clinton victory is unacceptable. We now join together."
Likewise, State Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef, released the following statement regarding the GOP presidential contest and the results of the Indiana primary: "
As our Governor said last night, it is now time to focus on the general election. We need to all get behind Donald Trump who will be our nominee and work hard to make him the next President of the United States. Thankfully, we have avoided potentially divisive state and national conventions that could have made unity and victory in November nearly impossible.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton still faces a tough challenge from the socialist wing of her own party. We, however, now turn our attention to healing and unifying the GOP, which is absolutely necessary to taking back the White House."

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