Friday, December 30, 2016

Natural Stress Relievers from Mary Jane Popp

Dr. Kathlen Fry
What if you could safely and effectively treat yourself and your family at home for colds, flu, ear infections, even food poisoning without having to rush to urgent care ever again?

Dr. Kathleen Fry, a traditionally trained medical doctor, now a Homeopathic Doctor, says you can. Author of “Vitality” How to get it and keep it, and her upcoming book “There’s A Remedy for That” revealed all on POPPOFF.

With the holidays upon us, we talked about stress on with tips to deal with it in a natural way.

1) DEEP BREATHING. The fastest and simplest stress reliever is our own breath. Taking a few minutes to breathe slowly and deeply helps to lower cortisol levels and reduce agitation.

2) GET EXTRA SLEEP. Try getting into bed an hour earlier (without any electronic devices) to read something soothing or inspirational before sleep. If you have trouble falling or staying asleep because your brain just won’t “turn off”, try the homeopathic remedy COFFEA CRUDA. You can take one pellet of the 30c potency at bedtime and repeat it again if you awaken in the night. It’s not habit forming and won’t make you feel groggy in the morning. Homeopathic remedies are made in a special way in licensed homeopathic pharmacies by serially diluting and shaking a concentrated “mother tincture” of any natural substance. A remedy of 30c potency has been serially diluted in 100 drops of water 30 times.

3) LIMIT CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL. Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant and can worsen the symptoms of stress. Alcohol can disrupt your sleeping patterns not to mention wreak havoc on your gut.

4) SPEND TIME WALKING IN NATURE. Even 15 minutes walking around the neighborhood can make a difference.

5) LIMIT TIME UNDER ARTIFICIAL LIGHT. Try to get some time in natural light each day, especially in winter. Taking extra Vitamin D helps as well.

6) COMMON REMEDIES FOR STRESS. NUX VOMICA is for people working too much who suffer heartburn and irritability. (Also a great remedy for hangover). Take 1 pellet 1-2 times a day or as frequently as every 1-2 hours when battling a hangover.

7) ARGENTUM NITRICUM is a great remedy for people who get hot and sweaty just thinking about getting on an airplane.

8) GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS is a great remedy for people who get nervous before events like visiting the in-laws who voted differently than they did. Also a big help for stage fright or fear of speaking.

9) RESCUE REMEDY is one of the Bach Flower remedies that can be very helpful for relieving generalized, acute anxiety.

10) COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS. Dr. Fry told me that whenever she is stressed, she stops and looks around at all the wonderful things in our beautiful world that brings her joy like her grandson Isaiah’s sweet smile, the snow covered mountains, and the fresh air she is privileged to breathe.

A positive mental attitude is the best antidote no matter what the stressors are in your life. Though things may look gloomy at times, there is always something or someone in your life that has blessed you on some level.

Here’s your prescription. Relax and enjoy the beauty of this special holiday season and try not to sweat the small stuff.



From the files of Mary Jane Popp at KAHI Radio in Sacramento, California


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