Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Obama needs to say ISLAMIC terrorist attack

Say it Mr. President dammit: It was an Islamic terrorist attack from the files of Colonel Allen B. West

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Yesterday morning I awoke to a nightmare: a brutal savage Islamic terrorist attack in Paris, France. We have now come to the point where tolerance has become a one-way street leading to cultural suicide.

It was the French who came to the aid of a young America and it was the French who gave us the gift of Lady Liberty. Sadly, it was the French who found themselves on the 21st century battlefield as liberty was assaulted — our venerable freedom of speech and the press, as well as expression.

We have allowed the enemy into our home and refuse to acknowledge it. Our own president, Barack Hussein Obama has said “the future shall not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” and “let me be clear, ISIS is not Islamic.”

So once again, we are forced to acquiesce to a vile theocratic-political totalitarian ideology that does not conform to the concept of “coexistence.”

In the case of this latest attack — the assailants were born in France. Somehow, they never embraced the ideal of liberty and freedom. Somehow, they decided to be parasitic invaders who fed off the host until a time when they deemed it was time to attack.

And over time we have allowed the invading parasite to fester in its own communities all to our detriment — under the guise of “multiculturalism.”

The real question is, what shall we do in response?
1. First of all we need to acknowledge this Islamist enemy — our own White House referred to this attack as “violence.” Only after French President Hollande stated it was a terrorist attack, did the White House refer to it as the same.
However, President Obama just cannot bring himself to say Islamist, jihadist, Islamic terrorism — nothing. It is still this Obama administration which classifies the Islamic jihadist attack at Ft. Hood Texas, and the barbaric beheading of an American woman in Moore Oklahoma, both as “workplace violence.”

If we cannot even admit who this enemy is — especially given that they freely admit the fact — then the Islamo-fascists and terrorists are indeed winning. They are censoring us and instilling fear. Why did it take President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to even say the word?

And we have cultural jihadist apologists who buy into this perverted and warped sense of political correctness and condemn those who call Islamists out. I refuse to, and will not call this “radical” Islam. It is what it is, and that is islam — pure and simple, and without any type of reformation bringing this belief system into the 21st century we will continue to confront the problem. The system of “nakeesh” (abrogation) means the latter and more violent verses of the Koran supersede the previous — meaning these jihadist actions are justified within their doctrine — their playbook.

I applaud the hashtag campaign saying “We are all Charlie” – oh, just like the hashtag campaign to free the girls taken by Boko Haram, remember that one? I’m glad there are signs in Paris stating, “Not Afraid” — but I have had friends already telling me news editors are telling them to not do anything to upset Muslims. Yes, they win.
2. We cannot continue to make our culture and values subservient in some ill-advised “can’t we all just get along” moment. We welcome those from other countries, but Western civilization values have promoted individual freedoms and liberties.
Instead we have those who tell us that we must accommodate them — while there is no reciprocation. I just have to ask, why is it that Mecca is “off limits” to “kafirs?” How is it that in the 21st century we have an entire city that is ruled verboten to those not belonging to a certain belief? Who can embrace a belief system and ideology that shoots a young girl in the head just because she wants an education — and where are all those feminist voices – but that is a topic for another day.

How can it be that we are allowing Sharia law practices into our culture, which is something totally antithetical to our fundamental core beliefs? Again, we bow down before the false god of multiculturalism, which has now become a cancerous premise and has enabled values which conflict with the basics of freedom to be made superior. We are accepting subjugation and subservience.

Yes, Western civilization is superior, and there’s nothing for which we should be ashamed. We must begin to win the information and propaganda war and stop redefining evil just to make ourselves feel better — actually wishing away the problem because we prefer to dismiss its existence.
3. We must begin to reconsider who is allowed into our countries. We don’t have to roll out the welcome mat to everyone — especially those from areas which are breeding grounds for Islamic terrorist activity. We must begin to cordon off Islamo-fascism. We also must take a stand against those within our countries who embrace and support this jihadism and not provide an umbrella of protection. Proselytization that advances concepts contrary to that of a Constitutional Republic is not free speech, it is sedition.
I was criticized by stating that imams, clerics, and mullahs residing in this country who are found to be preaching jihad should be removed from this country. Why did I say that? Because they are fomenting the type of action that occurred in Paris. Even Egyptian President al-Sisi called out the imams — but then again, the cultural jihadist apologists would rather attack me or others instead of those who would slay them, as happened in Paris.

The Muslim community must come to realize it has a responsibility and the collective patience of Western civilization grows thinner with each of these incidents — at least from those who love freedom and liberty and refuse to surrender.

We must accept the reality of this enemy and make a decision sooner rather than later to vanquish it. And yes, that means developing a strategy for victory.

I’m just waiting for those who will say, “this is what can happen and perhaps it was deserved.” Do the Assyrians, Chaldeans, and Copts deserve what they are getting? Are we now accepting crucifixions of Christians and the massacre of children at a school in Pakistan?

It is time we shrink the global footprint of Islamic jihadism.

It is time we unite and make the stand to say no more. It is time we say we reserve the right to criticize and editorialize against those we wish. We cannot cower in fear because of a cartoon caricature of a 7th century figure. We cannot allow anyone to define the limits and constraints on our freedoms and liberties. If so, then we pass onto our subsequent generations something that shines a lot less bright than the gift which we were given.

Islamic blasphemy laws? Give me a break.

There is a moment in time relating to this Paris Islamic terror attack which we must seize upon — before the news cycle moves on to something else. We are going to have to decide whether our liberties are worth the fight.

And in closing — a study of Islamic history of conquest will show this is no perversion of the faith, just a following.

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